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Biomass Gasification Application
Syngas analyzer applys in gasifier
Coal gasifier
The coal gasifier can be divided into four modes by the movement pattern of the coal in the gasifier: fixed bed (moving bed), fluidized bed, entrained bed and molten bed. While it can be summarized to atmospheric and high pressure styles according to the gasification operating pressure. Based on the feeding method, the coal gasifier contains solid and liquid feeding manners. In the light of the residue-discharge mode, it can be classified into solid and liquid patterns. In industry, the typical coal gasifiers include UGI gas furnace, Lurgi gas furnace, Winkler gas furnace, Texaco gas furnace and Dow Chemical gas furnace. Depending on various technology needs, the coal gasifiers provide air gas, mixed gas, water gas and semi-water gas.
In the coal gasifier device, the volume fractions of CO, CO2, CH4 and H2 are important parameters of process control, and the ability to accurately measure these variables is considered to be one of the most important indicators of the energy efficiency of the entire unit. First, the gas composition analysis can be used to determine the reaction state in the furnace, for example, the content of O2 is a critical control parameter in the production of semi-water gas. Additionally, it is necessary that the concentrations of CO and H2 are confirmed to be under the explosive limit before ignition, preventing any explosion. As we know, it is necessary to carry out N2 exchange until the feeding operation, but stilly, the O2 content in the furnace must be determined because the feeding coal slurry enters firstly, and it may reacts with O2 causing an explosion.

What does syngas used for ?
Syngas can be used for heat production and for generation of mechanical and electrical power. Like other gaseous fuels, producer gas gives greater control over power levels when compared to solid fuels, leading to more efficient and cleaner operation.Syngas can also be used for further processing to liquid fuels or chemicals.
Why we need measure H2 ?
H2 is measured within syngas to ensure that plant/process operation is optimized.H2 measurement is important as it indicates the quality of the syngas produced.Real time H2 indication allows the end user to adjust the process as required to ensure maximum efficiency .A typical adjustment could be ,adding water to increase the H2 or removing water to increase the carbon monoxide%.without the H2 measurement,the end user is making an assumption in regards to the end product ratio and cannot be sure that correct modifications are being made to the process
What we can offer ?
The GAS-IR-600P Series is intended for analysis of syngas and gasification atmospheres or other industrial process gases for any combination of methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), H2, and oxygen (O2). Syngas has a high calorific value so it can be used as a fuel to generate electricity or steam ,our gas analyzer can calculate heating value fot it The SS-500D Series Syn-Gas Analyzer System has been designed with the flexibility and toughness required in the experimental and industrial environments that characterize synthetic gas production and gasification applications. Often, the H2 measurement is very important in syngas applications. ESE can offers H2 analysis that is fully compensated for the effects of the other measured interfering gases. Also unique in this product line is the option to have all gases with analysis ranges of 0-100%.

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