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Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Incinerations
HCL laser on-line monitoring system -- waste generation application
Running Time: 2017-10 Field technology: natural gas is used as fuel, urban waste is incineration at high temperature. After burning, the tail gas is removed by denitrification, desulfuri
Syngas analyzer applys in gasifier
Syngas can be used for heat production and for generation of mechanical and electrical power. Like other gaseous fuels, producer gas gives greater control over power levels when compared to solid fuels, leading to more efficient and cleaner operation.Syng
Portable NH3 TDLAS Gas Analyzer
Portable NH3/HCL/HF Gas Analyzer , TDLAS Gas Analyzer HydrogenChloride (HCl) portable gas analyzer tunable diode laser based. Sample hot &wet. Portable model . Minimum Standard range 0-10/20/50/100/500 ppm. Maximum Standard range 0-100 ppm. Resolution is
Cement Plant
Customer Name: Chongqing fafeng cement plant Running Time: 2017-10 Site: the site process cement plant to use existing facilities, high-temperature incineration of solid waste and medical waste treatment Installation position: after dust removal, direct e
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