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Flue Gas Analyzer
Flue Gas Analyzer

This flue gas analyzer is an independently self-developed flue gas analyzer product which is suitable for on-line gas analysis of domestic and foreign environmental protection and industrial control sites. Based on the ultraviolet absorption spectrum and differential optical absorption spectrum principle, it adopts the unique optical technology platform, and carries out the on-line analysis and measurement for concentration of gases such as SO2,NO,NO2,O2,H2S,CL2,CO,CO2 etc. Under normal conditions, the gas component of SO2, NO and O2 is measured and other gas components can be extended; one analyzer can simultaneously carry out measurement for 5 gas components at a maximum.

1) Strong gas chamner,low operation and maintenance cost.
2)Achieve the simultaneous measurement for NO and NO2
3)The service life of the light source is around 10 years
4) No optical moving parts,strong vibration resistance and high measurement reliability
5)Modular design ,good expansibilitu and convenient maintenance 
6)The product adopts the most advance online analysis technology and high accuracy,lower limit and small temperature drift 



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