HCL/HF Laser Gas Analysis System

Item No.: 06
Model No :eLAS-200
TDLAS Technology
Measure HF/HCL/NH3
Category:Wall Mounted Laser Gas Analysis System

Wall Mounted Laser Gas Analysis System 



eLAS-200 wall-mounted laser gas analysis system using high temperature with heat extraction technology, continuous online monitoring of the system including sampling and transmission unit, pre conditioning and control unit, analysis unit mainly used in many areas of industrial gas emissions monitoring and process control, for example: coal-fired power plant, waste incineration power plant, chemical plant and so on .


Analyzer using TDLAS (Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy)to measure specific process gas like NH3,HCL,HF,H2S,O2,COetc. The instrument has high sensitivity, fast response speed, no interference of background gas, real-time accurately reflect changes of the gas to provide a reliable guarantee.



The high resolution of TDLAS technology can effectively reduce the interference of dust or other background gas.

In situ extraction installation method which has the advantages of fast response and high sensitivity. In practical application, the resolution can reach 0.1 ppm, which can meet the requirements of on-line monitoring.

The measuring instrument has small drift, simple maintenance and stable and reliable operation for a long time.

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