NH3 TDLAS Gas Analysis System

Item No.: 04
Model No :eLAS-100
TDLAS Technology
Extractive  NH3 Laser Gas Analysis System
Category:Laser Gas Analysis System
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    Principle :
    laser gas analyzer using a Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS), the realization of the non contact measurement in high temperature, high pressure, high dust and other harsh test conditions. High selective laser based on frequency, analyzer has good performance of anti interference. compared to the traditional analysis method, reducing the complex sampling system, flexible installation and easy to use, greatly reduce the manual installation and maintenance workload

    • Process control:
     SCR, incineration & combustion processes
    • Emission monitoring:
    Power generation, engine development,
    waste incineration furnaces, …
    • Environmental monitoring:
     Landfill & green-house gases, livestock, ...
    • Chemical engineering:
     Production control & monitoring …
    • Safety:
     Leak detection, refrigeration, toxic gases, .
    • Climate control & monitoring:
     Livestock, climate chambers & rooms, ..


    Measured gas NH3 concentration
    Method Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometry (TDLS)
    Range 0-50ppm0-100ppm,0-500ppm Customized
    Accuracy ± 2% full scale reading depending on integration stability
    (temperature & pressure)
    Precision 1ppm
    Displayed resolution 0.1ppm
    Response time Less than 2S (at gas flow rate of 3 L/min)
    Output signal 4`20mA DC, Insulating output, maximum load is 900 ohm,
    Automatic diagnosis function un-normal range overflow, transmittance, temperature and pressure, laser temperature etc
    Power Supply 90-240VAC / 50/60Hz
    Power consumption 150W
    Warm up time 15 minutes
    Interface RS232
    Ambient Temperature Temp-10-50
    Dimension 1200mm*850mm*400mm




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