Online Flue Gas Analyzer

Model No: UV-GAS-300
Flue gas continuous emission monitoring ( CEMS ) for the power plants (analysis SO2, NO, NO2 and O2 )
DeSOx process monitoring (analyze SO2 and O2)
Measurement principle SO2, NO and NO2: Ultraviolet differential technology
O2: Electrochemical principle (built-in), and zirconium oxide principle (external)
CO: NDIR technology or TDLAS technology
CO2: Infrared NDIR technology
Measurement component and range SO2: 0~300~3000ppm; 0~100~300ppm; 0~20~100ppm (optional and customizable)
NOx: The same as above
O2: 0~25%
Measure 5 components at a maximum, range ratio ≥ 1:10
Analog output signal 5´ 4-20mA, configurable
Analog input signal 3´ 4-20mA, configurable
Digital quantity input 6, configurable
Digital output 14, configurable
Power supply Rated voltage: 100V~240V
Rated power: 120W
Operating conditions Ambient temperature: -10~50
Ambient humidity: 90%RH max, non-condensing
Outline dimension, The net weight and gross weight 19-inch*3U*325mm, net weight:12kg, gross weight:25kg
19-inch*4U*360mm, net weight:17kg, gross weight:31kg
19-inch*4U*385mm, net weight:17kg, gross weight:31kg
Repeatability 1%
Linearity ±2%F.S.
Zero drift ±2%F.S./week
Span drift ±2%F.S./week
Response time 10 seconds
Standard Gas Condition
Flow rate 1.5 L/min±0.5 L/min
Pressure The current ambient pressure ±0.1Bar
Temperature -10~50
Humidity 95%RH, no dew
Gas for calibration Zero gas: Dry N2 or air. When in use of zirconia oxygen measurement module, nitrogen should not be used for zeroing.
Span gas: Concentration relative to 90~100% of the measured component range, concentration more than 100% should not be used.
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