Online Pitot Tube Gas Flow Monitor


Flue gas velocity pressure thermometer VPT511NF provides gas flow velocity, pressure, temperature and other parameters monitoring, and for high temperature, high dust, high corrosion smoke environment, the use of special design to improve
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  • Description
    Online Pitot Tube Gas Flow (Velocity ) Measurement(Model No:VPT511NF))

    VPT511NF Online Pitot Tube Gas Flow (Velocity ) monitor adopts pitot tube differential pressure method to measure flue gas velocity, and can measure flue gas pressure and temperature are measured directly, which greatly improves the accuracy and accuracy of measurement, and reduces the cost of use.And maintenance workload, especially suitable for on-line real-time measurement of flue gas parameters. The output signal is 4-20 mA.It conforms to the national environmental protection industry standards. The length of the designed probe is 1.6 meters and it can be determined according to the customer's order requirements.

    Flow Range 0-40m/s
    Measuring Principle Pitot tube
    Pressure Range -2500Pa-+2500Pa
    Temperature Range 0-300℃
    Output 3*4-20mA
    Working temperature  - 20~ 50 ℃
    Control Unit Air to be back flushing ,pressure range 0.3-0.8Mpa
    Function Manual/Auto Zero and back flushing
    IP Grade IP65
    Installation Method DN65 flange connection
    Power Supply 220VAC

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