Portable Syngas Analyzer

Item No.: 02
Model No:IR-GAS-600P
Touch Screen With USB Port
Measure H2/CH4/CO/CO2/CnHm
Category:Portable Syngas Analyzer

Portable Syngas Analyzer 


IR-GAS-600P is based on NDIR technology to measure the gas concentration of CO, CO2, CH4 and CnHm(optional), based on TCD to measure he gas concentration of H2, and based on ECD to measure the gas concentration of O2 at the same time in one analyzer. The BTU calculation is available in IR-GAS-600P.
This product is applicable to iron and steel plant,ferro alloys,sponge iron smelting process gas analysis including blast furnace ,BOF,coke oven ,heat treatent,gas furance,calcium carbide furnaces,cement shaft kiln flue gas composition measurements(flue gas O2 content,air excess coefficient of determination,biomass gasification process gas analysis(gas concentrations ,hear value of monitoring,gas recovery and ultilization of the heat value of the process of monitoring ,industrial gas applications in the prcess of environmental protection.



Components Method Range Resolution Precision
CO2 NDIR 0-5% to 100% 0.01% ≤2%
CO NDIR 0-5% to 100% 0.01% ≤2%
H2 TCD 0-5% to 100% 0.01% ≤3%
O2 ECD 0-5% to 25% 0.01% ≤3%
CH4 NDIR 0-5% to 100% 0.01% ≤2%
CnHm (optional) NDIR 0-5% to 10% 0.01% ≤2%
Note: Measurement range can be customized by the requirement. Max: 6 components at the same time.
Response Time (TD+T90) <10s (NDIR)
Output USB port 
Display 5"Touch Screen 
Work temperature 050
Relative humidity 585%
Ambient air pressure 86108kPa
Power supply AC 220±10%V 50Hz±1Hz
Weight About 1.5kg

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