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Portable Laser HCL Gas Analyzer
Portable laser gas analyzer using a Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS), the realization of the non-contact measurement in high temperature, high pressure, high dust and other harsh test conditions. High selective laser based on frequency,
New Design TDLAS System
eLAS-200 wall-mounted laser gas analysis system using high temperature with heat extraction technology, continuous online monitoring of the system including sampling and transmission unit, pre conditioning and control unit, analysis unit mainly used in ma
Compact Syngas Analyzer
IR-GAS-600P is based on NDIR technology to measure the gas concentration of CO, CO2, CH4 and CnHm(optional), based on TCD to measure he gas concentration of H2, and based on ECD to measure the gas concentration of O2 at the same time in one analyzer. The
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