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New Design TDLAS System

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Update time : 2018-07-06 21:17:00

Wall Mounted laser gas analysis system can  replace in-situ type laser gas analyzer


eLAS-500 wall-mounted laser gas analysis system using high temperature with heat extraction technology, continuous online monitoring of the system including sampling and transmission unit, pre conditioning and control unit, analysis unit mainly used in many areas of industrial gas emissions monitoring and process control, for example: coal-fired power plant, waste incineration power plant, chemical plant and so on .


Analyzer using TDLAS (Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy)to measure specific process gas like NH3,HCL,HF,H2S,O2,COetc. The instrument has high sensitivity, fast response speed, no interference of background gas, real-time accurately reflect changes of the gas to provide a reliable guarantee.


Installation Pictures



Sampling Probe


Sampling probe for the  gas sampling, with dust filtering and heating function, condensation can effectively prevent the acquisition of sample gas, unique structure design makes the system more reliable sampling rate, less loss of sample gas, to ensure the stability of the system and real analysis. The characteristics of the product are as follows: 1. The material is  316L stainless steel, and the anti-corrosion ability is very strong at high temperature. The preparation of rainproof cover is fully competent for outdoor working environment. 2. The isothermal heating body is adopted in the design, the structure is compact and the heating temperature is stable. 3, The filter cartridge is made of stainless steel sintered filter, which has the characteristics of large filtration area and high filtration precision. It can be pulled out of the device as a whole when it is replaced. It is easy to operate, no tools are needed, greatly shortens maintenance and replacement time, and reduces labor intensity. 4, The operation is simple, with low temperature alarm.




The main technical parameters of the probe: 1. Maximum sampling temperature: 800 C 2, Maximum working pressure: 5bar 3, The sampling chamber heating temperature: 180 degrees (factory setting, temperature adjustable) 4, Power: 220VAC 50/60Hz 400W 5, Ambient temperature: 20~80 C 6. Maximum dust concentration: 100g/m3 7, Filter core filtering precision: 0.2 um(other precision, 1-10 um) 8, Size: 150*40/20mm filter 9. Anti blowing interface: OD8/6 adapter. 10, Sampling gas exports: OD8/6 connector 11, Length: ¢25×1200mm/ with sampling pipe ,length is optional 12, Installation accessories: installation flange, flange plate, bolt, flange plate sealed flat cushion

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